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Some materials are very sensitive to water and oxygen when doing chemical experiment. So it is hard to finish the research. Although vacuum vessel can satisfy anaerobic and vacuum degree, it is not convenient for operating the procedure. Vacuum glove box solve the environment and operation problem.

The stainless steel vacuum glove box is a laboratory equipment which can be filled with high purity inert gas into the box to filter out the active substances circularly. It is also called glove box, operation box, inert gas protection box, and dry box.

Working Principle of Stainless Steel Vacuum Glove Box

It is mainly composed of main box, transit room and base. If user has special requirement, it can also be customized and designed according to customer needs.There are 2 or 3 glove interfaces. In front of the main box, user can clearly view the inner situation. There is one vacuum ball valve on the main box body. It can be used according to user’s needs. The ball valve can be connected with water faucet when needing water or ventilation. Light bulb can be also installed. Transit room means the transition between the main box and outdoor, composed by two sealed doors, two vacuum ball valves and one room. Two doors isolate main box from connecting with the outdoor, making material putting in and taking out for lab easily.


1. The whole box is made of stainless steel with reinforced plastic and surface spray, it is strong enough with corrosion resistance and easy to be cleaned.

2. The front side of the operating box is made of tempering glass, it has wide angle without dead corner.

3. The interior lighting and the porous socket can be locally heated by the electric stove.

4. The gloves are made of thick latex gloves,well-sealed and durable.

5. The sealing device has the advantages of novel design, reliable sealing and convenient opening;

6. Inside and outside of the box are equipped with water faucet for input of water and gas;

7. The two doors of the transition chamber solve the problems of repeated vacuum extraction for the main box.


Parameters of TENCAN Stainless Steel Vacuum Glove Box

.No Model No. Total Dimensions Box Size Transition Cabin Size Left Door Size Glove Port Size Vacuum Degree
1 GBV-1 1030*570*530mm 600*500*500mm Φ200*280mm 255*330mm Φ150mm -0.1~0.0Mpa Keep vacuum for more than 12 hours
2 GBV-2 1295*715*675mm 800*650*650mm Φ273*350mm 360*480mm Φ150mm
3 GBV-3 1755*776*1010mm 1200*700*950mm Φ350*400mm 450*600mm Φ196mm
Optional Models Descriptions
Standard Models GBV-1, GBV-2, GBV-3
Customized Sizes Any sizes, Any pecial layout or shape
Customized Openning Visual window, Tool cabin, Transition cabin, Interface
Optional Functions Temperature control, Sterilization, Dust clean, Anti-poison, Radiation protection
Electronical Control Type Convenient operation
Automatic Control Type Fully automatic control
Work Frame Type Simple type, Cabinet rack
Purified Type Water removal type, Oxgen removal type, Water & oxygen removal type......