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Changsha Tencan Organic Glass Glove Box Become Popularized By Dalian Colleges and Universities

admin Jun-27

Summary: Under normal conditions, Changsha Tencan organic glass glove box owns advantages such as shape stability, high transparency, resistance to chemical corrosion and climate change, good sealing performance, further, it shields and absorbs α rays (alpha ray) and β rays(beta ray) of low energy emitted radioactive substances to protect human tissues from being damaged by ionizing radiation. This kind of equipment can be also replaced with inert gas to maintain anaerobic hydrophobic operating environment.

    Several days before, Dalian Science and Engineering University purchased one set of Tencan organic glass glove box model No.GBT-30A which needs to be vacuumized to -0.1MPA with replacement of water & oxygen removal.

   In the process of scientific experiments, some substances are easy to be oxidized and dissolved under normal atmospheric conditions, which makes it very difficult for scientific researchers to do chemical reaction and advance treatment of samples, affecting the test process and test results. The organic glass glove box can solve these problems effectively , realizing that the test samples can be put in or out safely and freely, people can do experiments like free operating, reacting, and testing under anhydrous state and oxygen removal condition, to ensure scientific testing and experimenting normally.


Features of Tencan Organic Glass Glove Box

1. Simple structure, convenient operation;

2. Under normal conditions, it has features of stable shape, highly transparent, chemical resistance and climate change resistance;

3. It box is equipped with porous electric socket, which is convenient for scientific test;

4. It has good sealing performance, and shields and absorbs Alpha (α) rays and low energy beta (β) rays emitted by radioactive materials to protect human body tissue exposed to radiation damage. it benefits people to do some closed isolation operations inside the box such as experimental work of scientific research units for low energy radioactive substances, microbial inoculation of sterile operation and chemical qualitative and quantitative analysis.